3 Reasons - You Need An African-American Digital Marketer | Hubert Roberts

Better Understanding of Your Brand & Potential Customers

How many times have you seen an ad and instantly knew that no African-Americans apart of the creative process? If you want African-American customers, you need to have African-Americans at the table. Business need African-American voices as a part of their marketing team. Take Atlanta – one of my hometowns – for example. According to US Census data, Black people are 52% of the population. Thus, an African-American digital marketer is a major asset.

More Money Stays in the African-American Community

Fortune 500 companies like WalMart and Dell – nothing against these firms – have very few African-Americans in leadership. That lack of diversity has lead to the race-based incidents that have gone viral. When African-Americans are decision makers, these incidents rarely happen. Furthermore, hiring Black talent reduces unemployment and underemployment without lowering the talent bar. As stated in The Wall Street Journal, African-Americans who earn degrees still face barriers. Why not use your organization to hire this talent and allow it to help your company flourish?

African-Americans Drive Culture

Since the first notes of jazz, African-Americans have set the tone for American pop culture. Since African-Americans have such clout over what’s in and what’s out, savvy organizations leverage theĀ African-American Digital Marketer to enrich their marketing campaigns. As discussed in AdAge by Kevin Walker, “next-gen blacks are social-media leaders: They are the meme generators, the colorful web commentators”. Marketing departments would be foolish not to tap into this influential talent pool.

In conclusion, this post is not meant to exclude any ethnicity. I stand for inclusion. With that said, African-Americans are vital to America’s social fabric. Thus, African-Americans should be vital to your organization’s marketing. If you are looking to expand your customer base, reduce Black unemployment, or stay culturally relevant, hire African-Americans to help with your marketing efforts.